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A company’s visual image, its corporate design, is almost always the starting point for all print and digital activities. We make sure your public image follows a clear narrative that genuinely suits your goals. This includes having a strong corporate identity and addressing your target audience effectively with quality campaigns, to make sure people keep on identifying with your company over time.

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360° Marketing

Ambitious, major projects can be limited by traditional advertising and marketing methods. Our 360° Aerial Maps, by contrast, are a completely new form of visual approach. The end product is a feature-packed virtual photographic map that users can access via desktop, mobile browsers and apps. The main focus is on tourism, but the technology is highly flexible and well-suited to many other areas, such as sports venues, festivals or for generating donations.

A simple click on a pin or marker opens up a view that can contain editorial content with text and images, or even embedded videos, onward links, event calendars, booking tools, donation buttons, purchase and registration options and much more. This virtual experience can showcase anything from hotels and restaurants to events and ski lifts or indeed, almost any imaginable type of content. The 360° virtual experience is also possible – and often makes a lot of sense – indoors, too.

Additional Demos:

Books / Coffee Table Books
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Content Marketing

Publishing allows you to reach the market with journalistic content on the topic of your choice. This is ideal when you need to serve established clients or members with targeted content, and it can also be used to create a forum that will support social and political work or lobbying efforts. Alternatively, books are especially well-suited to presenting single topics or e.g. your own company history in full detail.

Whether it is a one-off project or a regularly-published magazine, we take care of everything from the initial concept to the journalism and graphic realisation, from preparing an editorial calendar to the post-production copy-editing and overseeing the printing process. We are also well-versed in producing multilingual versions and various print editions, thanks to our experienced specialist translators and media partners.

Social Media
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Websites & Online Marketing

When you re-launch and operate a website, extended functionality and smooth integration with social media and mobile devices are all key.

Together with you, we develop an online concept that makes sense for your business in the long term. A modern web presence, a high Google Ranking and increased traffic all add up to a key competitive advantage.

* Responsive web design includes versions suited both to static and mobile devices.