Set sail.

We’ll give you a lift! We work with you to develop marketing initiatives and deliver projects that make a real difference.

Our print products give you strong content and clear, modern design, and we work closely with you to ensure your message has an impact.

In the digital world, we boost your online presence and make sure you stand out from your competitors. And using brand-new services like 360° Aerial Maps, you’ll be getting in right at the start of a new development.

Full Service

Black2Red is an international, full-service marketing, PR and communications agency. Since our start-up back in 2008, we have had a streamlined, flexible structure, focused on the German- and English-speaking world.

Our key services range from print and online products through to complex journalistic material and long-term project management, with concept, design and content all developed in-house.

Since 2016, we have been working intensively on the technological and human feasibility of large-scale 360°-marketing concepts. These are now available from 2017 onwards and include new services like drone photography, aerial maps and integrated video features. Our first major production began in January in South Africa.